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Is The NIL Killing College Football?

I hear many #CollegeFootball traditionalist, bemoan that the NIL and the transfer portal, as a mechanism that’s killing the sport. This drum beat louder this week with the tampering allegations #Pitt Football coach Pat Naruzzi leveled against #USC Football, coach Lincoln Riley, and their pursuit of Pitt’s star receiver and Biletnikoff Award Winner, Jordan Addison.

I am of the opinion, that the players should be compensated for the multibillion dollar industry they created, and others have enriched themselves through. However, I do agree with the sentiments Desmond Howard recently expressed about needing some type of control to make sure this doesn’t become a runaway train that no one will be able to stop. The question in this then becomes, who represents the players? Should the college players create a union that negotiates in their behalf with the #NCAA? This is hardly the first time this has been mentioned, and I doubt the debate will end here.

Read the Desmond Howard Story Here

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