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Every year, undrafted college players sign with #NFL teams in the hopes of catching on. Some surprises are always included, players that many believed would be drafted. This year is no different. The #PhiladelphiaEagles signed 3 players in particular, that have a good opportunity to stick, those players are quarterback Carson Strong from #Nevada, running back Kennedy Brooks from #Oklahoma, and defensive back Josh Jobe of #Alabama.

All three players were in many mock drafts, so going undrafted, was a mild surprise. In the case of Strong, not getting drafted had to do more with a troublesome knee, than his throwing ability, considering he has prototypical size, arm strength, and was the 8th ranked passer in the #NCAA last year, with 36 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. It will be interesting to see if these three make the final 53.

Full List of Signed UDFA Here

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