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The Economics of College Football. How the Miami Hurricanes Decided to Compete Again.

The #Miami #Hurricanes, transformed by Howard Schnellenberger from a small private school in Miami, to a 5 time National Champion and #NFL pipeline, did so with hard work and a plan he called the State of Dade. Schnellenberger took advantage of the massive amount of talent that stretched from the schools campus in Dade County Florida, to Orlando and the I-4 corridor. Since then, other schools realized the enormous talent in South Florida, and the enemy has been on a full scale invasion, taking Florida’s best talent out of state ever since. To do this, these schools not only out recruited Miami, they also out spent them. Hiring the top coaches in the nation, giving them better facilities, and the assistant coaching money pool, to easily out spend the Hurricanes. Due to this, the Miami Hurricanes program became a shadow of the former powerhouse they were.

After a televised blistering rebuke of the school and it’s aministration by #ESPN tv personality, and now #Hurricane lifer, Kirk Herbstreit, who accused the school and it’s president of not caring about football, something changed in Coral Gables, it seemed to have awakened a sleeping giant. Directly after this most public challenge, the school and President Julio Frenk, committed themselves to a review of the entire football program. What followed was a clear vision of who they wanted as the next head coach, and a realization that they could no longer compete at college football’s highest level, without hiring the right person, and giving him the budget to hire top assistant coaching talent. Enter Miami’s own, and National Champion with the Hurricanes, Mario Cristobal. A successful head coach at Oregon, and Nick Saban protege. To say that Cristobal arrived in Miami, like Thor from the heavens with a bolt of lightning and thunder, is an understatement. Cristobal immediately super charged the Hurricane fanbase, and lit the recruiting trail on fire, with the work ethic instilled in him by his #Cuban parents. But he wasn’t done there, he took his time and arguably hired the best coaching staff in college football, luring veteran coaches like Kevin Steele, Charlie Strong, and Broyles Award winner, given to college football’s top assistant coach, Josh Gattis. With the financial backing that he needs, Mario Cristobal has #TheU on the move again, and that should put fear in the hearts of the enemy.

ESPN has an excellent article, going into great detail on Miami’s new path here

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