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The NFL Continues Bunting With New Streaming Service

Why won't the #NFL give their fans a choice of how to watch their games? Every other professional sports organization gives their fans that choice, which they can access from any platform, but not the NFL, at least not in North America. They do offer that choice everywhere else in the world through their #GamePass streaming service. The #NBA as an example, even offers just a package to access your favorite team's games. The NFL preferrers to create a monopoly for the highest bidder, their focus being more about greed than it is about their fans. This has been true with their #NFLSundayTicket package, which fans can only access through #DirecTv . For a brief moment, DirecTv offered NFL Sunday Ticket, as a stand alone package, but that didn't last long. Like all companies, they quickly turned it into a mechanism to force fans into a complete more expensive tv package that they otherwise didn't want. NFL fans that refused to capitulate to this ransom, were relegated to finding a covert streaming service on the internet to watch games. Now the NFL has apparently come up with another scheme to bleed even more money out of their fans, with a new streaming service, that from media reports, doesn't seem to add much to what's already available.

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