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Why Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ Pro Bowl Guard Ali Marpet Walked Away From The NFL at 28

Ali Marpet - Photograph: Alex Menendez/AP

#NFL fans gather every Sunday to watch some of the world’s best atheletes play a child’s game for 3 hours, making great plays, big hits, to the delight of 70,000 fans packed into a stadium, and millions of viewers on TV. We delight in their physical prowess, and wish we were paid millions like they are to play the game we love. Of course, nothing as lucrative as an #NFL career comes without a cost, to personal health, or family. Fans don’t see the behind the scene struggles players face, just to suit up and play on Sundays. Although concussions and the possibility of developing CTE is and should be the main concern, it’s hardly the only one. Players like Marpet have to deal with aches and pains all season, and throughout their career, something that can take a toll on their bodies and mental health. The Guardian just published a story on Marpet’s decision to walk away from the game, a great insight on why he made the decision to step away from $20M in the prime of his career.

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