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Will Baker Mayfield Play Football in 2022?

Baker Mayfield, the former first overall pick, has talent and has shown glimpses of great ability. Unfortunately, that’s what his play has been, just glimpses. The #NFL is not very forgiving to players that don’t reach their potential, especially quarterbacks, who more than any other player on the field, affects the fortune of their team and ability to win big. Mayfield has the physical tools to be a very good player, but his issues have been above the shoulders. He is a streaky player, that can look great one minute, and like the third string quarterback the next. Many have questioned his dedication to the game, complaining that he spends more time filming commercials in the offseason, than he does honing his craft. If Mayfield hits the field again as a starter with another team, it sure feels like it will be his last opportunity to prove that he can be the player the Browns thought he would be when they drafted him.

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